Andrew Dickson named as Head Coach

Head Coach Announced

General Manager, Shaun Johnston has released this statement:

Last season our focus was on stabilizing the program, on and off the ice, and establishing a core group of players to build a future around. We spent a good amount of time teaching, being patient with young talent and finding guys who would buy into the work ethic needed to succeed. Most nights we were a hard team to play against due to consistent efforts and, as the year progressed, our skill levels made significant improvements, especially as our young guys started to become more comfortable at this level. As frustrating as it was at times last season, I was proud of the way the team responded, how our staff supported and developed our players and the tremendous strides we made as a group.

Going into the second year of our plan, getting better is still job one but our focus needs to shift to results and realizing potential. Last season was a great teacher and I want to build off that.

To capitalize on those hard lessons learned, and continue our growth, I’m excited to announce Andrew Dickson as Head Coach.

Andrew’s coaching record speaks for itself with coach-of-the-year and league championship honours. Having worked with Andrew in the past I know first hand how his passion for excellence leads directly to results. Our young group will be inspired by his determination, commitment and ability to get guys to their next level. With Andrew at the helm, we’ll retain the foundation of being the hardest working group in the league and he’ll bring the elements of execution and experience needed to deliver the results we’re after.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the ice (soon I hope), watching Andrew work with our guys, updating you with more pre-season announcements and seeing our fans at Centre 76 again!

Thanks for your continued support and patience.