Our Program


The Athens Aeros are a Canadian Junior Hockey Club based in Athens, Ontario. Our home rink is the Centre 76 Arena located at 36 Henry Street in Athens. We play in the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League (EOJHL), formerly known as the Central Canada Hockey League Tier 2 (CCHL2).

The Aeros were founded in 1968, then known as the Athens Flyers. In 1975, the team name was changed to the Athens Aeros.


Our Focus


As a community-owned team, the Athens Aeros Junior Hockey Club is dedicated to creating a positive impact on our community and enriching the lives of its members.

The Aeros program strives to provide an opportunity and high-performance environment for junior aged players looking to challenge themselves, grow and compete at the highest level. Our program is committed to delivering an exceptional hockey education, emphasizing a deep understanding of the game and player development that will allow our athletes to excel at the next level and provide life-long skills, relationships and memories.

While part of our goal is to provide the development needed to participate in hockey at the tier 1 or collegiate/university level (for those players who have that as a goal), our primary focus is to develop high-performance individuals, by using hockey as the training ground for a rewarding life outside of hockey.

Besides wins and losses, we judge our program on the life-success our alumni attain, the contributions they make to their communities and the mentorship they will provide to the next generation of leaders.


High Performance Development


Our program is based on a comprehensive approach to ensure high-performance outcomes based on a modern understanding of the game and using the latest technologies to assist players develop. In addition to advanced skills development, position specific tactics and team systems and strategies, we also prepare our athletes with an in-depth approach to mental preparation, mastering stress and set-backs, physical strength and power training, nutrition, leadership and team dynamics.

Our program also brings in experts to assist and extend the development capacity of our team staff, including professional instructors, sports physiologists, pro-sport strength and conditioning coaches and leadership coaches.


Player Commitment & Expectations


To succeed, you must be willing to do what others do not.

Player commitment and expectations, discussed in detail prior to the season, are integral to success. In general, the Athens Aeros program demands that players prioritize team activities and responsibilities above everything else, save for family commitments and school. To develop and succeed at this level, players must be willing to make this investment in themselves and the sacrifices that go with it, and their families need to support them in this endeavour. The cost and time demands are substantial, but the reward of personal development and achievement is even greater.

If this is something that interests you and would like more information please reach out and contact either of us.


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